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Psi-Ops is an opinion-based editorial that is founded on psychological research, literature, and personal knowledge. The opinions expressed are my own. Psychology has a wealth of knowledge which supports the idea that identification with particular social groups helps us, as humans, develop and nurture social networks which provide support, growth […]

Psi-Ops: Why The Console War is Irrelevant

Dragon’s Crown is an exploration in hyper-, whether it’s strength, sexuality or activity this 2D side-scrolling role-playing game reminds me of the vintage Dungeons & Dragons arcade game from the 90’s. Designed by George Kamitani, we see the natural progression and evolution of the side-scroller, or “beat ‘em up” game […]

Dragon’s Crown Review

The primordial challenge in video game research is understanding the definitions of aggression used by investigators as they attempt to tease out the intricate details of violent video games (media) and their relationship to acts of aggression.Within the research community there, is a general consensus that the General Aggression Model (GAM) is the best measure of whether or not violent video games lead to an increase in aggression, but part of the disagreement between the research and the public may lie in the volatile nature of how aggression is measured.

Deconstructing Video Game Research: Part I

The Hero Complex is about bridging the gap between reality and fantasy so that we can identify with our surroundings, our purpose in life and the paradox of morality. We reach this place from the assumption that we all seek to be a hero through action or in-action, and in doing so we live vicariously through superhero films (Iron Man, The Dark Knight trilogy), video games (Skyrim, The Last of Us) and television (The Walking Dead).

The Hero Complex

This is a game you can’t skip, and you can’t miss. Even at it’s 1600 MSP ($20) price tag there is nothing to regret. I’ve chalked up over 20 hours surviving, exploring and scavenging and I’ve barely made a dent in the “story.” This is an experience in survival that can’t be missed, and a humble reminder that everything ends, everything dies. To survive, we adapt.

State of Decay Review

Your travel through Neo-Paris is one thing, delving through the memories of your enemies is another, but to attune the emotional prowess of a magnificent title requries equally powerful music. Olivier Deriviere brings music to our ears that will make you feel like you've transported right through the rifts of time and into Neo-Paris itself. You can listen to the tracks below - and don't forget to make a playlist.

Remember Me OST on Spotify