Review Ethics

GameFob Network Reviews: The majority of my reviews are published through, which scores games on a grading scale (A +/-, B, C, D and F) review system. All reviews published through GameFob are reviewed by three writers prior to publication. To maintain the integrity of reviews, the scores are not released to publishers, public relations agencies, or developers prior to publishing. Reviews are subject to change, primarily based on the implementation of new features, patches, or downloadable content. Our reviews contain two scores:

Overall Score: This is a standard review score encompassing gameplay, graphics, audio, physics, choice and overall game mechanics.

Value Score: This is a subjective score based on the “bang for your buck” value system. Replayability, cost, DLC (whether excessive or insufficient) and multiplayer are integrated into this score.

Freelance Reviews: I am available for freelance reviews and editorials by request. If you are interested in my work, I am available through the contact us tab.

Product Samples for Reviews: Companies, developers, publishers and agencies are welcome to provide product samples for review purposes. Products will only be accepted without preexisting conditions (such as agreeing to review a product simply because a product is provided without agreement). If a product is provided before it is publicly available, an embargo agreement must be established prior to the product being received. Any products provided may be published through the GameFob Network or this website. Any other arrangements must be agreed to prior to publication.

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