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Psychology of Gaming is about the exploration of what it means to be a gamer, and how we interpret what we discover as subjective human experience. Existentialism has identified the struggles of humanity since the dawn of time when early men and women began to foster the idea of life […]

Psi-Ops: Psychology of Gaming from an Existential Approach

Dissonance, the unpleasant motivational state that arises when one’s behaviors and cognitions are inconsistent with one another, is reduced by shifting attitudes and beliefs to eliminate the inconsistency (Festinger, 1957, 1964). Thus, if an individual has a choice between two ice cream flavors, art prints, or appliances, the act of […]

Decision Making in Video Games

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Sometimes companies struggle to find identity with their games. Beautiful works of art have been created only to fall short to the unscrupulous and critical eye of their consumers. Other times, generic and bland regurgitation’s appear to pop up every year to the tune of millions of dollars. At the end […]

The Existential Gamer: Why Some Games Fail

The Hero Complex is about bridging the gap between reality and fantasy so that we can identify with our surroundings, our purpose in life and the paradox of morality. We reach this place from the assumption that we all seek to be a hero through action or in-action, and in doing so we live vicariously through superhero films (Iron Man, The Dark Knight trilogy), video games (Skyrim, The Last of Us) and television (The Walking Dead).

The Hero Complex